Lawn Care

Nice lush green lawns serve as the foundation for a gorgeous yard. This backdrop will highlight and complement all your other landscaping.


Every morning when you leave your house , when you arrive at your office with manicured grounds and every evening when you return, you’ll be greeted by beauty.

Soil Aeration

Soil aeration involves removing small plugs or cores from the lawn. Aeration controls thatch buildup and renews heavily compacted soil.

Soil Delivery

Soil in the Greater Chattanooga area is often heavy clay or very rocky. We can bring in the perfect top soil to create your ideal landscape.

Sod Installation

We provide only the highest quality fresh sod in a variety of grass types to meet your needs. We will provide all soil and area preparation, and care for your investment.

Seed & Fertilizer

We know the optimal time of year to seed and fertilize. Let us take away the guess work and provide you with a beautiful lawn year round.

Shrub Pruning

Keeping your shrubs properly pruned can provide security, protect the health of the shrub and provide enhanced appearance for your property..

Lawn Maintenance

We provide lawn maintenance including removing leaves, applying pre-emergents, fertilizing, and keeping the lawn at optimal height throughout the year.

Turf Maintenance

When the leaves have nearly all fallen and are being removed from the lawn, it is time to start thinking about the health of your turf grass.

Weed Control

It is much less expensive and more effective to prevent and control weeds before hand than battling to eliminate them once they have taken hold.

Plant Replacement

We prepare soil, handle plant selection based on type and preference as well as setting up scheduled maintenance specifically for your plants.

Top Dressing

Top dressing restores organic matter and beneficial soil micro-organisms. This quite literally brings your soil back to life and cut down on disease and pests.

Leaf Removal

Leaves can cause tremendous damage by blocking sunlight and retaining excess moisture. Leaves should be removed to promote healthy grass growth in the spring.

Mulch Delivery

We will work with you to determine the best mulch and soil for your situation. Mulch is an organic ground cover used in landscape beds.


You can save money with professional drainage solutions, rainwater conveyance, stormwater mitigation, commercial and residential installations.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters can be difficult and dangerous if you are not a professional. Let us maintain your gutters and prevent a gutter disaster.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can help produce strong, healthy and better looking trees. We know how, where and when to prune for the best results.

Tree Planting

Do you know which trees grow fast? Or which trees will sap your vehicles or roof? Which trees are more likely to be damaged in high winds? Call us to find out.


Pavement cleaning helps sidewalks and cement patios, and prevents moss and mold growth. It can bring new life to some of your most visible hardscaping elements.

Roof Cleaning

A cleaning roof can add years to your roofing materials. Maintenance can save on your business & home value and can also reduce the risk of leaks.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can transform your deck, patio, sidewalk, siding and much more, making them look like new. Let us bring new life to your outdoors

RollOff Dumpsters

When the accumulated efforts of life become too much. We have the solutions; from weekly dumpster rental to the labor to remove the unwanted debris.

Chattanooga's Lawn Care Professionals

When you rely on Holder Outdoor you can be assured of quality, timely, expert care in all areas: lawn care, landscaping, leaf removal, tree care and all outdoor maintenance services.

Quality & Excellence

When you rely on Holder Outdoor you can be assured of quality, timely, expert care in all areas: lawn care, landscaping, leaf removal, tree care and all outdoor maintenance services.